Present a professional image and connect your customers to all of your employees, no matter where they are located.
Merge any number of different phone systems into one, easy-to-manage platform without expensive PBX equipment.
Reduce overhead, allow for growth, and self-manage features never before possible.
Increase sales and inspire customer confidence without the customer ever hearing a busy signal.
Simplify Your Business Communications
You may be asking yourself, how will I really benefit from switching to a Voice over IP phone system from PhoneBoost? Here are some of the top benefits our customers experience when they make the switch to a PhoneBoost phone system:
  • Save up to 40% on your monthly phone bill.
  • Use your existing Internet connection, without the need to pay for phone lines.
  • Quick installation with no major PBX hardware.
  • Keep your existing phone numbers.
  • Superior voice quality.
  • Consolidate multiple offices and remote workers into one phone system.
  • Easily move your phone system and phone number(s) when moving to a new office building.
  • Present a professional image without the high cost.
  • Save on long distance charges.
  • Free long distance to any number in the PhoneBoost network.
  • Advanced features for complete call control.
  • Eliminate the cost and delay of phone system changes by making your own changes through a web interface.
  • Easily expandable as your company grows.
  • Receive voicemails via email as an attached sound file.
Many times we find that business owners are confused or frightened of using new technology. But when our customers see how much a PhoneBoost Voice over IP phone system can lower their costs and increase their features, and how easy it is to implement in their business, their fear quickly disappears. It's similar to making the switch from a film camera to a digital camera -- once you are comfortable with the new technology of the digital camera, you can't imagine how you ever worked with a film camera!

We are happy to answer all of your questions and explain in a straight-forward manner how this new technology can significantly change the way you see your business phone system. Contact us today for a no obligation evaluation of your current phone system and cost comparison.