Present a professional image and connect your customers to all of your employees, no matter where they are located.
Merge any number of different phone systems into one, easy-to-manage platform without expensive PBX equipment.
Reduce overhead, allow for growth, and self-manage features never before possible.
Increase sales and inspire customer confidence without the customer ever hearing a busy signal.
Boost Your Image
If your business operates out of a virtual office, using PhoneBoost for your phone communications will give your company a professional image and greatly simplify your phone setup and maintenance. Just a few of the features and benefits available to a virtual office include:
  • Use the PhoneBoost auto attendant to answer and route all of your incoming phone calls to your home or cell phone.
  • Present a professional image by allowing customers to dial an extension or dial by name to reach employees on their own phones, no matter where they are located.
  • Control all of your phone system options through your web browser.
  • Keep one central phone number for your business, instead of having employees give customers their home or cell phone number.
  • No long distance costs when employees call each other from locations in different area codes.
  • As your staff changes or grows, seamlessly add and remove users from the phone system options. No need to worry about customers calling a former employee's direct line.
  • PhoneBoost can be used anywhere, with any phone, and can be instantly administered online.
  • Get the functionality of a corporate phone system, without the expensive hardware to buy.
This is simply a highlight of the many features and benefits available for a virtual office using a PhoneBoost phone system. To learn more about what PhoneBoost offers, please contact us.