Present a professional image and connect your customers to all of your employees, no matter where they are located.
Merge any number of different phone systems into one, easy-to-manage platform without expensive PBX equipment.
Reduce overhead, allow for growth, and self-manage features never before possible.
Increase sales and inspire customer confidence without the customer ever hearing a busy signal.
Boost Your Customer Satisfaction
If you operate a retail business, customer satisfaction is likely your highest priority. With a PhoneBoost phone system, you can take your retail business to a new level while lowering your phone costs at the same time. Just a few of the features and benefits available to a retail business include:
  • Never let your customers hear a busy signal by allowing incoming calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available representative. This is possible without the cost of multiple phone lines.
  • Incoming calls can be routed in a variety of ways - ring all representatives, ring representatives in a predetermined order, or ring the representative with the lowest call traffic.
  • While holding, customers can hear hold music or a pre-recorded advertisement for your services.
  • If you operate out of multiple locations, you can treat your business as one cohesive unit. Tie multiple locations into a single, unified phone system. Allow customers to call a single number and the auto attendant can route to each store location.
  • Cut down on administrative costs by using the auto attendant to answer many commonly asked questions, such as store hours, locations, and directions.
  • No expensive phone system to purchase. The purchase of traditional phone systems often includes very expensive hardware. With a PhoneBoost phone system, this cost is eliminated, plus you'll receive many more features.
  • No long distance costs when calling between locations in different area codes.
  • One central phone number for customers to call your business, eliminating the need to list all store phone numbers in your advertising. Seamlessly transfer calls between the locations.
  • Significantly reduce your monthly communications cost. Receive a single phone bill for all locations.
This is simply a highlight of the many features and benefits available for a retail business using a PhoneBoost phone system. To learn more about what PhoneBoost offers, please contact us.

Retail Business Profile
Land & Sea Market is a leader in quality gourmet foods and customer service. Land & Sea Market operates 3 retail stores and has plans to expand to additional locations. Operating at each store with just standard phone service, customers were frequently receiving a busy signal and employees were using valuable time answering frequent questions about store hours and locations. By implementing a PhoneBoost phone system, Land & Sea Market is now able to provide their customers with excellent phone service.

"I was very frustrated trying to find a way to be responsive to customer calls without spending a small fortune on a phone system. In addition, we have 3 locations already to consider, and will grow to more in the future. When I discovered PhoneBoost, I couldn't believe how easy it was to get up and running, and implement call features typically found in much larger businesses. It's important that our customers are always able to reach us, especially during the busy holiday ordering season. With our PhoneBoost system, I know my customers are being well handled, and the phone calls have become something I don't have to worry about."
-- Rob Chandler, Manager, Land & Sea Market

Land & Sea Market is now able to advertise a single phone number for their retail business. The auto attendant offers customers options for reaching each of the 3 locations (i.e., dial 1 for our Tampa store). When there are more incoming calls than available representatives, customers are placed in a queue and answered in the ordered the calls are received. In addition, customers now hear pleasant hold music while waiting to place an order.

Land & Sea Market's distributors also have an option on the auto attendant greeting to reach the designated company contact that can handle their requests.