Present a professional image and connect your customers to all of your employees, no matter where they are located.
Merge any number of different phone systems into one, easy-to-manage platform without expensive PBX equipment.
Reduce overhead, allow for growth, and self-manage features never before possible.
Increase sales and inspire customer confidence without the customer ever hearing a busy signal.
Boost Your Flexibility
If your business operates out of multiple locations, a PhoneBoost system can literally change the way you run your business. Just a few of the features and benefits available to multiple location businesses include:
  • Treat your business as one cohesive unit. Tie multiple locations into a single, unified phone system.
  • No expensive phone system to purchase. The purchase of traditional phone systems often includes very expensive hardware. With a PhoneBoost phone system, this cost is eliminated, plus you'll receive many more features.
  • No long distance costs when calling between the office locations.
  • One central phone number for customers to call your business. Seamlessly transfer calls between the locations.
  • Outgoing calls from all locations are identified on Caller ID as your main business name and phone number.
  • Seamless integration of employees who work from home, either permanently or occassionally. Simply plug in a PhoneBoost phone at the employee's home and it operates as if they are at the office.
  • One auto attendant that integrates all locations.
  • Significantly reduce your monthly communications cost. Receive a single phone bill for all locations.
  • Ideal system for emergency planning or relocation. If your office becomes unavailable or your employees are relocated, instantly re-route all incoming phone calls or simply move the phone system while keeping your same phone number.
This is simply a highlight of the many features and benefits available for a multiple location business using a PhoneBoost phone system. To learn more about what PhoneBoost offers, please contact us.

Multiple Location Business Profile
PACE Continuing Education is a growing business that recently expanded from a single location in Florida to a second location in North Carolina. PACE faced the challenge of trying to figure out how their existing phone system would handle their second office. Assuming they would simply need to get a new phone system, new phone lines, and new phone numbers for their second location, PACE then discovered PhoneBoost.

"We were really struggling to figure out how to effectively manage the phone communications between our main headquarters and our new, out of state location. I was very concerned about our ongoing long distance charges, as much of our business is done on the phone. PhoneBoost was the answer! With our PhoneBoost phone system, we are able to call between Florida and North Carolina with no long distance charges. In addition, our customers can continue to call our main phone number and reach anyone in the company, regardless of where they are located."
-- David Arnold, PACE Continuing Education

In addition to the multiple location features of their PhoneBoost system, PACE was also able to eliminate the cost of expensive multiple phone lines that they had been incurring for years. PACE also takes advantage of the many call control features of PhoneBoost. Incoming customer calls are now automatically routed based on who is available at the office at any given time. This feature has allowed PACE to serve their customers more efficiently.

Through PhoneBoost's hunt group feature, customers can easily reach an available member of the sales or support team. When the customer selects their option from the auto attendant menu (i.e., press 1 for sales), that call is routed to multiple sales representatives at PACE. This allows the first available representative to answer the call.